Britain’s Got Talent’s Simon Cowell in tears after watching hero Fabulous Finn ‘mind-reading’ act

We all love Animal acts especially when they involve hero police dogs especially with the incredible story Fabulous Finn has to share.

The Police German Shepherd Finn and his owner PC Dave Wardell took to the Britians Got Tallent stage to inform some amazing mind-reading tricks that wowed the judged.

But then we discover the powerful backstory that Finn saved PC Dave Wardell’s life by jumping between a knife-wielding man who then stabbed Finn in the process.

Finn came close to death after being stabbed resulting in Finn’s Law. Simon Cowell admitted that if he had not already used his Golden Buzzer he would have used it for Finn.Β Finn this year scooped an award at the Crufts show.

Simon Cowell said “When I hear about animal cruelty, especially dogs, it upsets me,” he said. “A dog will literally give up its life for you. Finn’s beautiful, I love him.”

Dave Wardell told The MirrorΒ “There isn’t a bigger stage than Britain’s Got Talent. Dogs like Finn are out there day and night doing incredible work.

“If I can tell Finn’s story, showcase service animals and talk about Finn’s law, I’ve already won,” he added of resulting legislation that gives greater legal protection for service animals.

“My day job is running through gardens at 3am chasing after car thieves, so you can imagine walking out in front of thousands of people in front of four of the most famous people in the land. It was surreal.

“I got tongue-tied when I saw Simon Cowell but Finn didn’t. Like when we were on the streets, Finn pulled us through. It’s a different world, but we smashed it.”