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Amazing video of a police officer skateboarding during the climate change protests

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A Police Officer has been called away from his family and his home because of a protest that has locked down London. He and his team are working 12-hour shifts which are being extended to 18/19 hours because things are getting out of control.

Most of those 18 and 19 hour shifts are stood there doing absolutely nothing other than standing for hours on end unable to go to the toilet and unable to eat when they want to eat.

And the national media call it shocking that a police officer is seen on video for 2 seconds on a skateboard, Now that is the shocking part because just like you police officers are human and will make the most of a situation.

We rarely call out a Police Force we are a supportive policing media outlet but when we believe a force should be supporting an officer we will stand up and speak out.

Like you, they will have fun at work, unlike you they’ll be criticised for drinking tea on shift, having a sandwich and now they’ll even get it in the neck for daring to have a little fun with protestors to ease tensions during a peaceful protest.

It is not the most shocking video you’ll ever see of a police officer skateboarding during the Extinction Rebellion Climate change protests.

What disappoints the team at Police Hour the most here is this is a 2-second video clip that shows the human side of policing yet the powers that be up at the top publically call the officers behaviour unacceptable and warn in no fewer terms that he will face investigation over the matter.

Support of our police officers should start from within if the Met Police won’t support officers when they act within a human way how to they expect the public to follow suit. This is a good opportunity to engage the public which has now been wasted by placing the officer under investigation.

Stupidly the powers that be have caved in with the Metropolitan Police Commander Jane Connors condemning the behaviour saying “i’m disappointed by the video and the unacceptable behaviour of the officers in it”

“We expect our officers to engage with protesters but clearly their actions fall short of the tone of the policing operation at a time when people are frustrated at the actions of the protesters.

“We will be reminding officers of their responsibilities and expectations in policing this operation – however, the majority of officers have been working long hours and I am grateful to them for their continued commitment.”

Scotland Yard said enquiries are being made to identify the police officers involved.


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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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