A woman is warning others of the dangers of putting your feet on the dashboard to relax while being a passenger in a car.

Following a horrific crash that left her without her forehead, let this be a warning to others of the real unknown dangers.

Gráinne Kealy has spoken about her horrific ordeal to LADbible at the time of the accident she was aged just 22.

She told LadBible that she had her feet in the dashboard when she was inside a car that skidded on black ice. The car then plummeted into a brick wall.

As her feet was on the dashboard the sheer force of the crash caused the airbag to deploy forcing her legs and feet into her face breaking almost every bone.

Woman warns others against putting feet on the dashboard after crash left her without forehead 1

Telling LadBible she had said her feet were up on the dash because she was wearing new shoes, she would not normally put her feet here but would live to regret it.

“My feet were on top of the airbag and, I know now, they inflate at 200mph. The force of that meant my knees were sent back into my face really powerfully. I broke nearly every bone in my face. I had a brain leak [called a CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid)] and I lost two teeth.”

She was then rushed into hospital where she underwent emergency surgery months later she would be told that she had an infection in the bone in her forehead, forcing doctors to remove it.

She then according to LadBible lived without a forehead for two years.

Woman warns others against putting feet on the dashboard after crash left her without forehead 2

“It took a while to slowly go down. It wasn’t like I suddenly woke up and it was sunken in. It took a while, which probably helped me get used to it. For a long time, I was afraid to leave the house. I became a bit of a hermit. I didn’t want to go out and then when I did go out, I would get looks. I bought hats to cover it. I was also worried about banging my head.”

Now she is raising awareness to warn everyone of the unknown dangers and the impacts of putting your feet on the dashboard. She is hoping to educate and inform others of the danger.

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