The News of missing Amiah aged 8 months is an odd one.

She has been missing for almost a week. It took her parents two days to call the cops and let them know she had gone.

Police believe she is in extreme danger almost a week later that have said they will find her dead or alive after deploying drones.

Despite dominating the headlines and social media in the United States, Amiah still remains missing.

What is confusing is why it took her family 48 hours to bother reporting her missing? That we are sure will come out in time.

Police Hour is covering this news because 48% of our readers are based within the United States, and we believe it is vitally important that we share this appeal.

Police in the states are urgently looking for the publics help find her, after she may have been moved to another part of the world.

Indianapolis Police are urgently searching for information to find out what has happened to the missing 8-month-old who has been missing for nearly a week.

Amiah Robertson was last seen on the 14th march at her home address in the 200 block of South Holmes Avenue. But no one reported her missing for 48 hours after her disappearance, Why? The child was reported missing on March 16.

Police in the US issued a silver alert but can’t issue an Amber Alert because they don’t have enough details such as a license plate or any location to raise her risk level. But that alert has now been cancelled. Despite the 8-month-old still being missing.

Lots of searches have happened, addresses have been raided but still the 8-month-old remains missing. Officers carried out a warrant at the last known address.

Cops have urged social media users not to speculate on Amiah’s disappearance to ensure no misinformation is shared in relation to her missing person case.

What we do know is she has been missing for 48 hours, cops know very little and there is currently no trace or suggestion as to who would take Amiah or why.

Police said the details of her disappearance remain under investigation and detectives are still looking for any tips that may help them locate Amiah.

Police said Amiah has brown hair, blue eyes and weighs about 13 pounds.

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