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Seriously… a convicted paedophile is attempting to sue one of his victims for £5 million

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A convicted paedophile has launched legal action against one of his victims.

He is attempting to sue the victim for £5 million blaming the victim for his wife dying of a broken heart.

Wait for it… Because he was jailed for his crimes.

Shameful Alan Steer aged 83 was jailed in 2013 for five years after he was found guilty of abusing two young girls.

despite being found guilty of his crimes, Steer still won’t admit his guilt and claims he is innocent to this day and because of that fact, his victims should pay for ruining his life.

He is suing one of his victims who cannot be named for legal reasons for £5 million and the case has already made it to the High Court.

However, he has only opened a lawsuit against one of the victims but not the other and that has currently been unchallenged as to why.

He has told Judge Graham Wood that he is making his claim because “She (his wife) died of a broken heart.”

However, Steer was jailed following an Oxford Crown Court Case after being found guilty of abusing two girls.

Seriously... a convicted paedophile is attempting to sue one of his victims for £5 million 1

In total, he was charged with 16 offences, but only sent to jail for five years, the girls he sexually attacked were aged between 8 and 11

He is claiming that his wife health declined because of the “extreme stress” the court case and allegations had on her.

“She stopped eating proper meals, shrunk from 13st to 7st. She had all her lovely brown hair cut off into a man’s hairstyle.

“She was taken to the hospital, where she died in the tunnel of the CT scanning unit.

“I wasn’t allowed to go to my wife’s funeral, nor attend my son’s wedding in the US as I was in prison.”

The case continues and a judge will make a ruling in due course.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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