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Possibly one of the greatest Chief Constables of our time stands down the one we used to call boss @DurhamPolice

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He is a proper policeman, with traditional values and leadership. One that can often be found on foot patrol in Durham City centre single crewed dealing with people with stern words, not a pair of cuffs or stab vest in sight.

He has a way with words and commands the respect of many. He is a great leader of Durham Police one we used to call boss, and a great boss he was very approachable, friendly often funny but strict and stern in his words.

Mike Barton A man of character a man of word and a man of value, having served 39 years in policing he is hanging up is cap and taking off his boots in the summer

The legacy that Mr Barton has created the culture and values will hopefully stay with cops and support staff for many years, remaining on a great path to improve, grow and help those that are talented within Durham Police and those taking their oaths for a great career ahead.

The Chief Constable of Durham Police, Mike Barton, has announced he will retire from policing in the summer. He will officially step down from Durham Constabulary on June 7th 2019.

Outstanding Peel inspections

Mr Barton has been an inspirational leader and reacted well to the challenges the police face despite cuts to policing, huge budget cuts he offered something that led the way.

Despite challenges faced, he overcame the challenge and became the only force to achieve three successive outstanding ratings in the annual Peel inspections during his time in office.

Many other forces had required improvement Durham did not and they served the public to an outstanding level despite facing the challenges and more than other forces faced which impacted there Peel inspections massively

Drug Policy

Mike Barton famously believes that the ban on the drug is damaging public safety and market needs to be regulated, especially when it comes to Cannabis. He even went as far to say that Durham Constabulary will not subject people to raids for growing a couple of plants for personal use within his jurisdiction.

He admitted that from his experience that trying to enforce the ban would actually be more damaging for public safety it would not protect it. admitting the “Yes, it should be legal. That’s what i think based on my experience,”.

“When I joined the police in Blackpool 38 years ago there was one drug squad detective; now everybody is on it. I’ve seen a remarkable deterioration in drugs in society over the last 38 years. What we are doing is not working.

“The status quo is not tenable. It’s getting worse. Drugs are getting cheaper, stronger, more readily available and more dangerous. I have come reluctantly over the years to the conclusion that we need to regulate the market. If you can regulate the market you can make sure it’s old-fashioned cannabis – not skunk or spice.”

Durham Police released a tweet announcing the the CC would stand down.

A sad day as an excellent leader decides to retire.

He will be a big miss

The words Mr Barton once said to me: ‘If you keep arriving at the same destination, then try a different bus stop, a different bus, a different route’ He instilled a problem-solving approach, a culture of leadership, creativity and a desire to be better at what we do! Thanks

Durham Police confirmed his retirement

The force said he confirmed his retirement in a letter sent with “mixed emotions” to Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner Ron Hogg.

Chief Constable Barton “There remain many challenges in policing that I would have relished tackling, but there comes a time when one should hand the baton to the next generation of talented and committed people who will bring their own style, thinking and approach.”

In response, Mr Hogg said he had been “very fortunate to have such a dedicated, forward-thinking and passionate” chief constable during his term in office.


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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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