Policing Voices is launching and you can offer your voice

Police Hour is launching Policing Voices, enabling you to write a one-off blog or regular featured blog within police hour, subject to editorial review.

We are opening our platform up to launch blogging enabling bloggers within a policing content, to get their views out there and reach our 2.5 Million strong weekly audiences who land on our website each and every week.

We want to offer those interested in policing related blogging a policing voice, one that’s shared on our platform and sparks debate and a realistic concept of the frontline, but offers a police supportive approach.

We’ll also enable you to blog anonymously or with your real name, it is entirely¬†up to you, but our aim is to offer our everyday readers who are studying, looking to join, working within the police at any level or just left the police to offer a concept of interesting content that is shared across our platforms.

Submitting content

We’ll be accepting pitches for content and blogs simply complete the form below if you would like to have your content considered for inclusion¬†if we love the idea we’ll reach out to you and offer to include the content. (Our editors have the sole right to edit content so that it is adaptive to our content flow)

If the content form is not loading please load the content on a desktop computer.