People are cleaning up beaches and parks with the #TrashTag Challenge

Finally, a social media challenge that does good, Over the years we have seen some really stupid challenges which have to lead to the police issuing warnings.

This one could be the best challenge we have seen yet because it’s all about #TrashTag. Let’s face it it is impossible to get positivity and social good trending, the same could be said when we look to get good positive content featured in the headlines.

But the ‘Trash Challenge or #TrashTag is here and in a nutshell it sees people from all over the world clearing up beaches, parks and litter-strewn streets before calling on others to clean up their own communities.

And to be fair we should all be doing our little bit to keep the streets clean, considering we are the only people who can impact how much litter is dropped in the first place.


Thousands of people have been picking litter up unknown to the millions of us for years when people take out their dog for a walk they also grab a bin bag and fill it.

But this weekend gone it kinda began building up a social media momentum with people starting to post before and after pictures of the litter they’d picked up.