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Man shot by brave officers after a police officer is slashed

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A brave police officer attending a domestic incident at a residential address was slashed with a knife after the suspects made making threats to kill.

Despite the officer being slashed, the officer remained on the scene and continued to deal with the incident until further officers and back up arrived.

Once backup arrived the officer was able to receive medical treatment.

Armed officers were called to the scene resulting in one of the officers shooting the 28-year-old suspect who failed to comply and continued issuing life threating actions.

The situation escalated and a shot had to be fired, All the officers who attended this incident were extremely brave bringing the situation to a conclusion positively resulting in no further injuries to any other member of the public or police officer.

Despite the incident coming to a safe conclusion the man who was shot by the police is now fighting for his life after he made threats to kill within the address in Hackney.

An armed officer never wants to be in a position where they have to pull the trigger, that decision alone is based on the circumstances and the imminent threat to life an officer faces and we strongly believe officers who make that choice should never have to face months of investigation.

These officers are the bravest of bravest officers who run into danger at a moments notice to save a life and never go in with the intention of having to pull the trigger, they always want to avoid that but the only person who can force that decision is the actions and conduct of the offender.

The Metropolitan Police said they were first alerted to the ‘domestic incident’ at a property in Knights Close at 9.43pm. ‘A 28-year-old man was reported to be armed with knives and making threats to kill,’ the force said.

‘Specialist firearms officers attended the scene. One officer sustained a slash injury. ‘Firearms officers were deployed and a male was shot by police. He has been conveyed to an east London hospital.’ A Met spokesman said on Wednesday morning that the man ‘remains in a life-threatening condition’. The officer’s injury was not believed to be life-threatening and there were no other reported injuries. The Independent Office for Police Conduct is aware of the incident and has launched its own investigation, Scotland Yard said. The force’s standards body has also been informed.

We hope the offender recovery is quick and prompt so he can face the consequences of the actions he has caused within a court of law.

We further hope that the outcome for everyone else involved in this incident despite being distressing is a positive one especially the officers and emergency services who responded to this very dangerous situation.


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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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