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Cleo was found wondering the streets cold and alone

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Cleo is a 16 year Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she weighs just over 9kg which is about half the weight of a healthy female staffy.

She was rescued by the lovely Joanne and Grace from Maxis Mates, wandering the streets at night cold and alone. She was in such a state Joanne couldn’t talk for crying when she called Jane at Maxis to say she was bringing her in.

Cleo was found wondering the streets cold and alone 1

A warm bed was made for her and probably her first proper meal in a very long time and most importantly veterinary care.

Louise Wray a Volunteer at Maxis Mates said “I came to foster her the next day and I’m officially a foster fail as I had to adopt her. She’s a lovely old girl, very very underweight and neglected. Who knows her story?? If only she could talk”

Cleo was found wondering the streets cold and alone 2
“What I do know is it takes some time for a dog to get in this state, when she came to me she was so weak she could barely stand, she isn’t potty trained and saddest of all she tried to fall asleep standing up.”

“With the help of my amazing friend Karla, we have her on a fabulous diet, I’m feeding her 4 times a day with snack meals in between and she is doing so well.

“Initially, I had to carry her up and down the stairs and into the garden, she’s gained enough strength this week to do the stairs alone!!

“Anyway, the point of this is to give Cleo as much happiness as we can for however long we are to have her and so we’ve compiled a bucket list for her to enjoy as much as life as possible.

“I have set up this page as a huge thank you for Maxis Mates for not just saving Cleos life but countless other dogs, that way I feel like Cleo really does have a purpose in life.

“Literally, love her so much and I hope you do to!”

If you would like to make a donation please click here. 

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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