Adam Johnson has served his sentence forgiveness is now needed

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Despite remaining and stating he is completely innocent Adam Johnson has now served his sentence, in the eyes of the law he has served his sentence and is a reformed man.

While others would argue you cannot reform a sex offender and he should not have been released so early.

Many would also argue he is a footballer and should have known better.

People who live near to him have said He has served his time for the crime he was found guilty of and now needs forgiveness from the community. Adam Was arrested in March 2015.

His neighbours have all stated they will also show him forgiveness, negativity is not what is needed. He has served his sentence with an early release for good behaviour.

Johnson played for Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Manchester City was sentenced to six years in prison for engaging in sexual activity with a child who was 15.

Johnson has now been released after he was held at HMP Moorland in Doncaster.

Nicole Robinson, manager of Italian restaurant Maximos has said “He has done his time, we would have him back.

“We’ve known him and his family for years, and he would come in with his dad and they were always fine.

Another local told The Chronicle “Ever since all this happened his dad has been coming in – he is a nice man.”

“People have always liked him and especially his family,” the man said.

“I think a lot of people were upset by what happened but there is a thing called forgiveness and second chances.”

It is not yet clear if Johnson is planning a return to football but we are aware that Johnson will most likely need some time to adjust to being back in his own home and being able to spend time and see his family whenever he wants.