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Not welcome here IS bride Shamima Begum has British citizenship stripped

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Her family are disappointed with the news, and will legally challenge the government. She will not be allowed to come back to her family in the UK.

Shamima Begum who fled the United Kingdom to Syria aged 15 to marry an Islamic State Fighter wanted to return the United Kingdom.

Shamima Begum aged 19 fled the UK, to join ISIS and turn against her own country gave birth at the weekend and is now living in a refugee camp, only because of her current circumstances of being separated from her husband wants to come back to the UK.

She admitted she has no sympathy for all of the children and teenagers killed and injured within the Manchester bombings yet wants to return the UK to set up home.

Despite not feeling sorry for the victims of the Manchester bombings she believes you should have sympathy for her.

Now she has had her UK citizenship revoked, the Government has been able to do this because she is a dual British-Bangladeshi national.

Not welcome here IS bride Shamima Begum has British citizenship stripped 1

Her family are now going to fight this within the courts to attempt to overturn this.

Solicitor Tasnime Akunjee said the 19-year-old’s family were “very disappointed” after the Home Office made an order “depriving Shamima of her citizenship”.

“We are considering all legal avenues to challenge this decision,” he said.

Shamima Begum has told how she wants to come back to Britain after fleeing her London home to wed an IS fighter in Syria aged 15.

She gave birth this week in a Syrian refugee camp.

in a letter obtained by ITV News, the Home Office said an order “removing her British citizenship” has been made.

The letter, addressed to Shamima Begum’s mother, says: “If you are in contact with your daughter, or are able to establish contact with her shortly, I would be very grateful if you could ensure the home secretary’s decision is brought to her attention, along with her right to appeal to the special immigration appeals commission, that arises as a result of the service and notice of intention to deprive her.”

The Home Office said it did not comment on individual cases but “any decisions to deprive individuals of their citizenship are based on all available evidence and not taken lightly”.

“In recent days the Home Secretary has clearly stated that his priority is the safety and security of Britain and the people who live here,” a spokesman said.

“In order to protect this country, he has the power to deprive someone of their British citizenship where it would not render them stateless.”

Begum fled the UK in 2015 and travelled to Syria where she then married a Dutch ISIS fighter named Yago Riedijk but they have been separated as the terrorist group loses ground. 

Begum who is a security risk to the UK is currently living on Al-Hol a refugee camp, she does not regret leaving London but because of her current circumstances wants to return home. 

She believes she will face an investigation when she is home but believes she won’t face prison.

In a statement she has said “I’m scared this baby is going to get sick in this camp. That’s why I really want to get back to Britain. Because I know it will be taken care of, health wise at least.”

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Trevor Sherwood
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