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Shocking: Charity​ that cares for unwanted, abused & abandoned dogs targeted

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The charity who help abused dogs have been left devastated after armed raiders attended the kennels armed with grinders.

A spokesperson for Maxi’s Mates has said “They did grind the padlock and went round the back and forced the barn doors open .

“We don’t know if they knew there were kennels as nearby farms in Boosbeck have been broken into.”

The evil scum tried gained access to an area which houses unwanted, abused and abandoned dogs it is unthinkable what could have happened if they had gained access to the dogs.

Shocking: Charity​ that cares for unwanted, abused & abandoned dogs targeted 1

It is not known if they knew there was dogs in the kennels, it is believed they were hoping to steal items from the farm.

Thankfully no dogs have been harmed, despite one of the intruders having a knife shaped implement or tool and grinders to cut locks.

This is certainly a professional gang targeting farms.

Shocking: Charity​ that cares for unwanted, abused & abandoned dogs targeted 2

The Charity has been left feeling the costs following the shocking break-in at the farm which rescues animals who have been abused, neglected or abandoned.

Maxi’s Mates is a located in the North East in a village within Dunsdale in the borough of Redcar and Cleveland and within the civil parish of Guisborough.

Damage was caused after 4 people broke into the kennels, they grinned the padlocks off the front, as they attempted to force into the site.

Shocking: Charity​ that cares for unwanted, abused & abandoned dogs targeted 3

they did manage to get into an area of the kennels (The Barn) were no dogs are housed causing extensive damage that will cost the charity thousands of pounds to replace.

Shocking: Charity​ that cares for unwanted, abused & abandoned dogs targeted 4

Maxi’s Mates is supported by the local community via donations of money and food to help dogs who are found in appalling conditions, they are taken in loved and rehomed, Now security will have to be increased at the site which will come at a great cost to the charity.

The charity will now require mental shutters to be fitted to ensure the building is secure increasing the alarm system and CCTV within the site, Police Hour will be fundraising to help try and cover these costs.

If you can spare a couple of pounds, please help and support Maxi’s Mates who work to ensure dogs are kept safe, looked after and rehomed.

CCTV footage has now been released of the four people who attended Maxi’s Mates fully equipped with grinders, knives and tools.

About Maxi’s Mates

Maxi’s Mates was set up on 9/10/12 by Jane Galliford & Michelle Cooper to raise awareness of other unwanted, abandoned dogs like Maxi was! We mainly helped those at the local pound  which was at that time Waterfall Kennels. Dogs that were in desperate need of a loving home and had somehow found themselves as a stray. For the full story of Maxi and how we rescued her from an awful existence please click on her photo below. 

With the closure of Waterfall Kennels, we successfully campaigned, raised funds and secured our own premises. Maxi’s Mates won  the Stray Dog contract for Redcar & Cleveland and we opened on 2/1/16. We are running at present with half of our potential  kennel spaces with 32 fit and ready.

Maxi’s Mates has gone from strength to strength from our humble beginnings charity and we hope that we can continue to progress to full capacity in the near future. To continue to help ALL strays regardless of breed, age or whether they are good with other dogs or not. They ALL deserve another chance.

If you would like to help and support Maxi’s Mates please click here to Donate

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Trevor Sherwood
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