Urgent search for parents after toddler found walking streets alone

Police in devon are urgently searching for the parents after a child aged between one and two was found walking the streets of Torquay alone.

The child had no socks, shoes or coat when found on the cold January day.

Worryingly no child has been noticed missing or reported to the police.

Police responded to reports of a child walking the streets on Main Avenue at about 1.25pm on 2 January after reports of a young child being found in the street.

Police estimate his age between one and two years old, and say he is white.

Searches are underway to try to find his parents or family.

A police spokesman told Devon Live: “The child was found wandering around the street and has been taken into a property by some of the neighbours.

“The little boy is estimated to be between one and two years old and is said to be happy. He has been given a coat by the people who located him.”

The boy is currently being checked over at hospital to ensure he is ok.