A baby sitter who killed three children and impaled their bodies on garden railings has been cleared by a parole board for release.

David McGreavy who was sentenced to life 1973 for killing Paul aged 4, Dawn aged 2 and 9 month old Samantha while he baby sat them in their Worcester Home.

Triple child killer cleared for release after impaled bodies found on garden railing 1

The children’s mother Elsie Urry has begged that he stays locked up and is not released.

But the Parole Board have said that the triple child killer has “changed considerably” after spending 45 years in prison.

He murdered three children and impaled them on a fence and has now been cleared following an oral hearing for release.

He murdered the children because one of the children would not stop crying . 

He strangled Paul at the home in Gillam Street, Rainbow Hill, while Dawn was found with her throat cut. Samantha died from a compound fracture to the skull.

On the night of the killings he had babysat the children for up to an hour so she could work in a pub.

Elsie Urry who was working to provide for her family so they could own the home they lived in blames herself for the death of her children.