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Monster Baby P mother granted contact with her children.

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Sick Mother Tracey Connelly who stood by and watched her partner as he tortured Baby P has been granted permission to have contact with her children.

Connelly will now be able to write and build a relationship with her children, despite the tragic death of Baby P.

She has not been granted face to face contact they’ll only be allowed to send letters which will be vetted by the prison and social services first.

Monster Baby P mother granted contact with her children. 1

Social workers have granted the access to enable Connelly to rebuild her relationship with her family as she prepares to face a parole board for release.

Connelly will soon make her fresh bid for freedom and is hoping a relationship with her family will help her.

She is hoping for a second chance at being a mother after her sentencing for her part in the death of Baby P who was tortured by her partner.

Connelly stood by and enabled her own baby boy to be repeatedly attacked and tortured.

We do not know if Tracey was herself attacked and abused such as a domestic abuse victim.

But nevertheless she stood by and saw her own child starved, brutally attacked he tragically died in 2007 after sustaining over 50 injuries.

Blaming social services

We cannot blame social services for allowing contact, because if they refused access they’d be breaking the law.

This is because a parent despite being convicted has legal parental rights and no one can block contact, social services have a duty to explore this.

We do not know the facts, but it’s not nice which ever way we look at it, but simply these children may have requested contact with there mum.

For those children we must remember they have lost their mum and dad, and without knowing the facts we have to be careful as social services could be helping the children cope with loss and grief.

As members of the public we have been allowed to move on but these children’s lives have been ripped apart.

The Baby P Case

Baby P (Peter) sadly died in 2007 aged just 17 months. He was tortured and was found with more than 50 injuries when he died.

Police and social workers visited Baby P in his Haringey, North London home more than 60 times.

His mother Tracey, her partner Steven Barker & his brother Jason Owen a paedophile tortured him.

Both Connelly and Owen were jailed indefinitely meaning they must face a parole board before they can be released.

Steven Barker was jailed for 12 years.

Connelly was granted release on licence in 2013 but after 18 months she was recalled to prison after she was found to be selling indecent images of herself online on the back of the death of Baby P.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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