Heartwarming: he’s always wanted to be a police officer but suffers from a form of neurofibromatosis

Just before Christmas, one extremely hard working police officer was asked to report to duty at Number 10 Downing Street, where he was given a very special Christmas gift.

Our youngest honorary police recruit, 10 year old Sgt Malachi Tyler, started his career in Kingston with the special shoulder number “VK999”. He has been an inspiration to officers across the Met and so just before Christmas, officers from our Parliamentary Diplomatic Protection Command invited Sgt Tyler and his family to central London for an experience that made Malachi’s Christmas.

Malachi has always wanted to be a police officer but suffers from a form of neurofibromatosis, which has caused him to develop two brain tumours. He is also living with hydrocephalus and epilepsy and is blind in both eyes. Despite this, Malachi is determined to live life to the fullest and achieve all of his life wishes.

On arrival at Number 10, the family were greeted by the officers who originally invited him to see the tree situated outside the iconic door so that Malachi could experience and feel a real life Christmas tree, before going inside to open some presents. One particular present included the good news that all of Sgt Tyler’s hard work had paid off and that he had been successful in promotion to an Inspector. He was immediately presented with his new epaulets which he wore with pride. Onwards and upwards, Insp Tyler was informed of his new posting as an honorary Authorised Firearms Officer within the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command. Congratulations Insp Malachi!

Inspector Malachi returned home having enjoyed his day and looked forward to his family Christmas, not knowing that there was another surprise in store for him.

On Christmas Eve, Insp Tyler received a parcel from “the Met’s No1Elf!”.

Inside were hundreds of cards filled with heartfelt messages to Malachi. The package also included a Braille game, a junior Elf t-shirt, Star Wars Bop It game, a range of police badges, a police coin, some vouchers and his favourite chocolate, Freddos.

Emma, Malachi’s mother said “We all sat down for hours reading to Malachi as a family. We read him every word you had all written, it meant so much.

“You only need to look at Malachi’s face to see what this meant to him. The package also included a gift for Malachi’s big sister, Ayesha, who received a thank you card for caring for their colleague through tough times.”

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you will never know how much this meant to us all. It’s such a blessing being part of the police family.”

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