The words of Kiora Pen Public health England have called me this morning to confirm, after analysing his swab, Marshall is suffering with measles.

To those who make the choice not to vaccinate their children, this is what an 8-month-old baby with measles looks like.

I haven’t actively posted this picture on social media until now, as I didn’t want to be accused of scaremongering.

Anyone who knows or has seen Marshall will know he is the happiest baby you will ever meet, until a few weeks ago when he started getting poorly.

We have now been in hospital since 31st October when his rash came out, he refused food and began to get dehydrated.

Since getting measles he has suffered with so much pain, lost a lot of weight from not eating or drinking and has been unsettled and crying a lot.

He now has an incredibly low immune system and we have been advised not to take him out the house for a minimum of two weeks for him to recover however this could be extended due to the cold weather.

The part that annoys me the most is this could’ve been prevented.

Marshall is too young for his MMR but there are plenty of other adults who choose not to vaccinate their babies who are old enough.

Babies like Marshall rely on other babies to have their MMR to prevent this from happening.

WHY would you want to see your baby go through this when a vaccine can stop this. And you have the power to stop other babies suffering too.

Please vaccinate your children.

There have now been over 900 confirmed cases of measles in the U.K. for 2018. This has almost doubled since 2016.