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Royal Mail Delivers letter from 7-year-old to his dad in Heaven

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The Royal Mail have absolutely excelled themselves after a seven-year-old boy sent his dad a letter to heaven and they confirmed it was delivered safely.

The boy who is from Blackburn in West Lothian, tragically lost his father four years ago.

Each birthday the family do something to mark his birthday, this year the seven-year-old wanted to write a letter to his dad, leaving exact instructions for the postman.


Mr Postman,

Can you take this to heaven for my dad’s birthday.


Each year the Royal Mail deal with countless letters that they have to help reach their final destination, but this one stood out said Assistant Delivery Office Manager Sean Milligan and they needed to make sure it reached the final destination.

The Royal Mail then took the time to write back to the little boy detailing how the challenges they faced delivering post to heaven but explained that they had a reliable postman in charge who would strive to overcome them.

Royal Mail Delivers letter from 7-year-old to his dad in Heaven 1

The letter read:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to contact you about how we succeeded in the delivery of your letter. This was a difficult challenge avoiding stars and other galactic objects on route to heaven.

However please be assured that this particular important item of mail has been delivered. Royal Mail’s priority is to get our customers mail delivered safely, I know how important your mail is to you.

I will continue to do all I can to ensure delivery to heaven safely.

Royal Mail Delivers letter from 7-year-old to his dad in Heaven 2

His mum was overjoyed and wanted to recognise the incredible act of kindness by the Royal Mail

Royal Mail Delivers letter from 7-year-old to his dad in Heaven 3

writing on Facebook his mum Teri Copland said

A few weeks ago my 7 year old son posted this card to his dad in heaven and today he got a lovely reply from the postman.

I actually cannot state how emotional he is knowing his dad got his card… you didn’t have to make the effort to do this you could have just ignored it but the fact that yous have made the effort for a little boy you’ve never met is such a lovely thing to do.

Royal Mail you’ve just restored my faith in humanity and thank you it honestly means the world to him please share this so all the staff at Royal Mail know just how grateful we are. thanks and merry Christmas.

What an amazing heartwarming story.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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