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Diane Abbot thinks knocking down criminals on mopeds should be illegal. Do you agree?

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Diane Abbot thinks knocking a moped criminal who is not stopping for police should be allowed to get away. She thinks the cops just allow criminals to terrorise the streets of London and simply face no arrest while on a moped.

The Home Secretary Sajid Javid does not agree and has backed new controversial tactics which are being used to knock down suspected criminals using mopeds.

For many years the powers that be within policing would not allow police to chase mopeds even if they had been involved in criminality.

The word spread and moped crime increased across London, A vast amount of criminals began using them to get away knowing the police would never stop them.

Sajid Javid has now supported the Met Police admitting it is “exactly what we need”.

He responded after Diane Abbot blasted the techniques believing those who commit a crime should be allowed to get away with it if they are on a moped.

Diane Abbot who is never really supportive of the police personally feels that the police should continue to lose the battle against moped criminals and simply let them ride off because it is “potentially very dangerous”.

Every Action has a consequence

If some criminal who fails to stop for the police after robbing a store, mugging someone at gunpoint or has just attacked a pensioner in their home does not get stopped just because they are on a moped is a scandal.

If the consequence is that you are driving around like an idiot and do not stop for the police and you die as a result, that is your own fault and the consequence of the action.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbot

The Labour Shadow Home Secretary for some reason always has a negative comment to make against the police, To be honest, she is not really Home Secretary material.

She has a history of being sympathetic to criminals, usually the violent ones that cause great lifelong harm to people just like me and you. She always slates the police for their actions and now believes that if you’re on a moped the police should allow you to run rings round them. Simply because she wants them to be powerless.

If that’s not an honest reflection of her views, maybe she is just clueless to policing and how policing works and really should not be in the role she is in.

She believed that Moped enabled crime should continue because it would be a little too dangerous. she tweeted that “knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn’t be legal for anyone. Police are not above the law.”

Metropolitan Police say the videos they released show the tactics used by specially trained drivers, to reduce the need for pursuits and prevent injury.

They also stressed that there is no maximum speed for police cars to hit mopeds and said the commonly held belief that officers cannot pursue suspects if they drive dangerously or remove their helmet is not true.

It is hoped the tough approach will act as a deterrent.

Independent Office for Police Conduct

Adding their voice to the debate The Independent Office for Police Conduct added that they are already investigating three cases of ‘tactical contact’ which involve the police and scooters, to be fair if you are going to break the law expect to be stopped by the police and the result of the consequence is your own fault.

One case they are looking into resulted in a teenager being taken to hospital with a serious leg injury after one such pursuit

Police Worry

Despite having the tools in the box and official tactics from the Met Police and endorsement of the Home Secretary police officers may still not risk their livelihood and liberty if someone is seriously hurt because they could face jail and have no job.

But already in 2018 there have been 22K moped muggings and the chances of these going down without police action and the support of the law and Government are very slim.

That a rise of almost 10K since the police were stopped from chasing Mopeds so it is easy to see why the police must continue to show Moped riders that they simply cannot get away with it anymore.

Every action has a consequence.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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