Brace yourself as temperatures set to drop

Credit : Police Hour

Temperatures are set to drop below freezing within the next 24 to 48 hours. Some news outlets are reporting that snow is on the way. But it’s more likely to be a wintery sleet for most of us.

The sudden drop in the weather is a result of Siberian air sweeping in on easterly winds.

There is expected to be a windchill in the air which could bring wintry weather.

the colder weather will cause wintry sleet and snow in places on the high ground such as the Pennines which is expected on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Be warned as ice will be expected on the road as the night cuts in and early mornings start.

Surfaces are expected to be slippery

Temperatures fell as low as -5C in Scotland over the weekend and it’s expected there’ll be similar temperatures Wednesday night into Thursday morning.