A kind-hearted taxi driver is offering to help veterans who are in Wheelchairs who can’t make it to the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday a free lift.

Darren Ferguson has said that he will offer a free lift down to Victoria Road in Hartlepool and drop them back off home free of charge after the Remembrance Service for those Veterans who would otherwise be stuck in the house and be unable to make the trip to remember their fallen comrades.

Hartlepool Taxi driver offers veteran wheelchair users a free lift to cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday 1

Darren says “I drive a wheelchair Access Taxi in Hartlepool On remembering Sunday I am looking for any veterans who are wheelchair users that can’t get to the cenotaph due to not having any transport So on remembering Sunday at 9am until 10.30am.

“I am willing to pick up any veteran and there escorts at the times above and drop them at King johns near the cenotaph Free of charge I will then arrange with them to pick them back up to return home.”

Anyone who would like to take Darren up on his offer is requested to inbox him directly on Facebook.

A huge well done to Darren who is using his own money those who should really be at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday can be there and make the day.