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Army discharging Soldier who appeared in Tommy Robinson video

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The British Army is to discharge a soldier who appeared within a selfie and video with Tommy Robinson at a service station.

The soldier who has a long record of disciplinary problems will be dismissed following the release of the footage.

Tommy Robinson shared a video on Monday of trainee soldiers who chanted and cheered his name.

Robinson said during the recording “it’s the most honourable morning I’ve ever had” the video then pans around to a group of young men who are smiling and wearing camouflage clothing.

The footage was released following a chance meeting at the Watford Gap motorway services, Robinson was proud to have met some real British heroes.

As soon as the footage hit the media the Amry announced it had launched an investigation surrounding the circumstances surrounding the video.

They said that “Anyone who is in breach of the army’s values and standards will face administrative action,” a spokeswoman said.

“Far-right ideology is completely at odds with the values and ethos of the armed forces.

“The armed forces have robust measures in place to ensure those exhibiting extremist views are neither tolerated nor permitted to serve.

“Values and standards within the army play a vital role in training and development, with personnel completing annual mandatory training.”

Army discharging Soldier who appeared in Tommy Robinson video 1

Causing a huge debate as to whether or not this is right or wrong?

Robinson who recently was misquoted, taken out of content and heavily edited in a Sky News Interview showed his support for our troops while at a service station.

Robinson shared the photo of himself posing with a group of men believed to be members of British Army.

All young lads who looked under the age of 18. Wanting to show his support for the Army he posed for photos and recorded a quick video thanking them.

That photo and video is now under investigation after he bumped into the lad at the Watford Gap Motorway Services on the M1

These young lads were clearly starstruck and not politically motivated, they aren’t old enough for that to even pop into their minds.

Now they could all loose their jobs after Robinson agreed to a photo. whether we choose to admit it or not Tommy Robinson is a celebrity that these young lads bumped into at the services.

Members of the public do not support the Army’s choice to investigate this and believe it shows the state in a bad light.

Robinson wrote on Facebook “A moment like this makes it all worthwhile. Today I met real British heroes”.

The Army has now confirmed they are aware of the photo and footage and have launched an investigation.

A spokeswoman said: ‘Far right ideology is completely at odds with the values and ethos of the Armed Forces.

‘The Armed Forces have robust measures in place to ensure those exhibiting extremist views are neither tolerated nor permitted to serve.’

Imam Asim Hafiz, Islamic religious advisor to the Armed Forces, said that ‘any form of racism, discrimination or extremism is taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with accordingly’.

‘The Armed Forces remain absolutely committed to welcoming individuals from across all faiths and cultures into its ranks,’ he added.

As Police Hour is a balanced non-political news organisation we feel it is fair that Robinson’s side of things is included within this content. Some may disagree but we are a balanced news org.

Tommy Robinson has released a statement to his nearly 1 Million Facebook followers saying “Please show your support for our armed forces who are being investigated & possibly disciplined for having their photo taken with me.

“We as a nation must show general sir nick carter that we the great British public will not tolerate politically motivated persecution of our service men & women who have simply expressed their freedoms.

“The army expect these young men to sacrifice their lives to give freedom to people across the world whilst they wish to take their freedoms off them on the streets of their own country.”

Let us know what you think by commenting on Facebook or dropping us a tweet.


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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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