West View Road in Hartlepool was currently closed due to a railway line embankment grass fire.

Fire quickly spread up the grassed embankment near to the Brus Tunnel forcing trains to stop for about half an hour.

A grand Central Service had to perform an emergency stop as flames were almost reaching the train and had to back off down the line to a place of safety.

Luckily the fire was quickly under-control, Cleveland Fire Brigade received reports of a fire just after 10pm.

It is believed the fire spread quickly due to strong winds and recent dry weather.

The last of the flames were put out just before 11pm, Fire Fighters are expected to remain on the scene for some time damping down.

Cleveland Fire quickly has the fire under control which delayed the Grand Central Service from Hartlepool to London Kings Cross.

The service was forced to emergency stop as flames were higher than the train itself forcing the train back along the tracks to a safe point

The fire was quickly under control and attended by two fire crews from Hartlepool.

It is recommend that you avoid while emergency services are on the scene.

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