Taken from an 8-year-old at school

An 8-year-old child this morning brought a gun into school this morning to show it off to friends.

The child claimed it was a birthday present bought by his father.

Officers will now be speaking to the boy’s father about how the 8-year-old managed to get hold of the gun.

This is not acceptable in schools.

Teachers spotted the gun which is believed to be a BB gun being showed off at an unnamed school.

Taken from an 8-year-old at school 1

If a member of public had spotted the child father with this gun it could of sparked a armed response incident on the streets.

Police when faced with BB guns that look like this have no idea until they have hold of the gun themselves.

Pointing this kind of gun at the police will only end in tears. Despite sparking an armed incident and a period of lockdown at the school the BB Gun was Safely recovered.