Women takes wrong turn at level crossing sparking police response

A woman has brought Metro trains to a standstill after a woman took a wrong turn at a level crossing and drove on the tracks.

How on earth she managed to do that we will never know, despite the bumpy journey and being on a train track she continued her journey, Maybe she was taking a shortcut?.

Police raced to the scene and Trains were suspended causing delays between Newcastle Airport and Regent Centre after the car was spotted on the line at Kingston Park.

Nexus Rail worker Danny Usher has told Police Hour that an 89-year-old woman got confused and took a wrong turn and made a mistake,

“The lady was 89 years old the poor women got confused and made a mistake luckily nobody was hurt and the police have taken her licence off her for her own safety”

Police have said the driver had gotten lost and took a wrong turn onto the railway and was heading towards Bank Foot station before she stopped at the platform.

Police responded to the incident at 8.30pm and helped get the woman out of the car to safety.

The track has also been checked for any damage before trains resumed at 9.15pm.