Missing people on Police Hour

Police Hour feels it is vitally important to ensure every missing vulnerable person in the UK, especially children, are shared on our website.

Due to the exploitation of children within the UK. We are often quick to criminalise a child’s actions but the reality is a young person does not just leave home for no reason, they are not forced to crime for no reason. Often they are subject to physical or sexual abuse while missing.

Once the POLICE have informed us a missing person has been found safe and well, We don’t remove the content because we don’t want to leave people worried about that missing person you can simply return to the content to see they have been found safe and well. If we removed the content once found how would you know that person had been found?.

Before simply clicking share please ensure you have clicked and read the content of the article, as within this content it will be very clear if the person has been found or still remains missing.

We ensure all posts are updated once the POLICE have alerted us via email that that missing person has been found, we receive the initial report via email from the POLICE, therefore we do not update the content until that Police force has re-contacted us to inform us that the missing person has been found safe and well.

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Trevor Sherwood is the Editor of Police Hour. Trevor studied Crime and Investigation at Teesside Uni and has a background within policing.

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