Help support the family of Three young children who have tragically lost their mum

Police Hour is looking to help support the family of Kelly Franklin who was murdered in Hartlepool, Having personally known Kelly as a wonderful person we would like to raise some money to help support her children.

It was very tragic and saddening that we reported the murder of Kelly, but to find out within hours this was the Kelly we knew, the Kelly that had a heart of gold and the Kelly that ensured other peoples children never went without, we really had to try and do something to help and support her children.

After Kelly Franklin was murdered she was the mum of three wonderful children who have been left heartbroken.

Police Hour has set up a JustGiving Appeal to help support the three young children following the tragic murder of their mum.

Kelly Franklin who sadly died on Friday 3rd August on Oxford Road in Hartlepool was such a loving, caring, beautiful young mother of three whose life has been tragically cut short.

Kelly was always bursting with life, happiness and joy and you would not bump into her without seeing a beautiful smile on her face. She was loved by so many and always had time for others.

Her three beautiful children were her most treasured things in her life and they are all in complete shock and horror that their mother’s life has been taken away from them and us so suddenly.

It is so difficult to find the words to describe how the family feels at this moment.

If you would like to support the appeal please click here to donate. Thank you for your support.