Update: Hartlepool School Children warned to be vigilant

A School in Hartlepool has today warned parents and school children to be vigilant following a suspicious incident at the school fence.

Eldon Grove Academy sent a message to parents warning that whilst children were in the playground at lunch time a man approached the fence and spoke to one of the children.

It’s reported that the man approached and offered children ice lollies at Ward Jackson Primary School in Hartlepool.

While someone in a red Volvo was driving suspiciously when a member of staff approached the car drove away erratically.

Update: Hartlepool School Children warned to be vigilant 1

A spokesman for Ward Jackson Primary School has told Police Hour “Yesterday lunchtime a man tried to engage in conversation with a pupil who was securely inside the school perimeter fence.

“The safety of our pupils and community is paramount and we immediately notified the police and have notified our parents and urged them to be vigilant.”


A spokesman for Hartlepool Borough Council told Police Hour: “The safety of children in Hartlepool is our top priority, and as soon as the school made us aware, we notified our other schools as a precaution.”