Police Officers have released the conditions which they are expected to sleep in during the operation to protect Donald Trump.

During his UK visit police officers are expected to sleep in conditions which are worse than prisoners.

Outrage as ‘prisoners are being treated better than the police officers protecting Trump 1

Police officers shared pictures of the conditions in which they are expected to put up with while policing protests.

It’s 300 to a room, no phone charging facilities to keep in touched with loved ones, and the sound of officers snoring to keep the lighter sleepers awake.

These conditions will ensure officers are not policing the protests refreshed.

Officers are being forced are being forced to sleep for three nights after their 12 hour shifts.

Some are being forced to sleep on a gym floor whilst others are in army barracks in tightly-packed camp beds.

The gym was meant to cater for 300 people and there were complaints from officers about freezing cold showers, cramped conditions and nowhere for phones to be charged.

Outrage as ‘prisoners are being treated better than the police officers protecting Trump 2

West Midlands Police Federation Richard Cooke said: ‘Nationally this is being challenged. It’s really bad, totally inadequate and appalling. This will not be left.’

Hampshire Police Federation chairman John Apter shared pictures of the officers digs on Twitter. He said: ‘Prisoners arrested last night will have had better accommodation than those police officers ensuring the Presidential visit runs smoothly.

Apparently senior officers are now looking in the conditions.

Yorkshire Man and Ex Flying Squad murder detective and published author Mike Pannett Joked that urgent assistance was on the way.

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Dear members of the public. If you wake to find a tent in your garden of field, don’t panic. They contain cops on mutual aid. Do take them a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie 👍🏼 ☕️ 🥓