Tremors felt in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Area

There have been reports of tremors in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Area.

The British Geological Survey released a statement saying “Our seismologists are looking into this and we’ll verify if this is an earthquake as soon as we can.”

One Twitter user in Hull said: “Our house moved and the furniture shifted, our bird fell off her perch and the dog went looking for the noise.”

Thames Valley Weather tweeted that 3.7 earthquake reported in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Another twitter user believed a massive truck went past her house.

Another said “yes in market weighton thought something had exploded downstairs went running around like a nutter”

The tremors are only believed to have lasted a couple of seconds but have left people feeling scared.

Emergency services received an influx of calls reporting the incident.

More follows.

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Trevor Sherwood is the Editor of Police Hour. Trevor studied Crime and Investigation at Teesside Uni and has a background within policing.

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