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Monday, July 4, 2022

Scumbag’s attack police at Free Tommy Robinson march

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Scumbag’s have attacked the police at the free Tommy Robinson march in central london leaving 5 injured.

The so called ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ march hopes to free Tommy Robinson who has been jailed for breaking contempt of court laws.


It was to support Robinson who has been jailed after he plead guilty to contempt of court charges at Leeds Crown Court.

Appearing at Leeds Crown Court under his real name of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, he was sentenced to 13 months on 29 May after broadcasting on social media about an ongoing trial at the court.

A judge told Robinson, from Bedfordshire, his actions could cause the trial to be re-run, costing “hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds”

Thousands attended the march peacefully, and were unaware that violence was breaking out.

These people are the hard working class people of the UK these people should be truly ashamed of these scumbags who have completely tarnished a peaceful protest.

Contempt of court is not one of those laws you really want to be breaking because doing so allows an entire court case to fail and those responsible for despicable crimes will walk free.

If a person has committed contempt of court they will be dragged before that judge there and then.

The case is immediately suspended and that person will be sentenced within that day by the judge who’s court is being brought into contempt.

Depending on the seriousness of the contempt will depend on the sentence. The consequence here is the case that is brought into contempt has to either be binned or started again. That is why Tommy Robinson has been jailed, and that is why he has pleaded guilty.

Many would argue why aren’t the mainstream media reporting on what Tommy Robinson is highlighting in a nutshell we’d all just end up in jail, the courts put orders in place banning us from reporting until cases are finished, as much as we’d love to expose these groups legally we cannot.

Scumbag’s attack police at Free Tommy Robinson march 1

These criminals are then Free to commit the exact same crime which annoyed him and his supporter so much. Therefore if you commit these crimes you will go to jail and the defendant will walk free.

Today large groups of thugs attacked police officers in Trafalgar Square while most members of the protesters remained peaceful a small number of thugs ruined and highjacked the entire event.

The thugs broke off from the main protest surrounding officers and attacking them.

Unarmed officers with no public order protective equipment who has to use their baton to fend the group back from all angles.

Scumbag’s attack police at Free Tommy Robinson march 2

These thugs only intention was to attack and cause serious injury to a number of deluded and racist thugs.

They then threw beer cans, sticks and other projectiles, before pulling up the metal railings to use as weapons.

One protester threw a traffic cone into a police horse box, and others later stormed a tourist bus, posing on top with flags and masks.

They also yelled chants at the police including “Shame on you”, and “Oh Tommy Robinson”.

Scumbag’s attack police at Free Tommy Robinson march 3

Four protestors were eventually arrested by police, including two for assaulting an officer .

At least one police officer was left bleeding and 4 others have been left injured.

The main part of the rally, outside Downing Street, continued while the violence went on.

The Met Police believe seven thousand people attended.


A number of people have only attended this incident to bring serious harm to our Police Officers.

Who only policed this event to ensure the safety of those attending.

What a shame these people bring to our country.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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