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Police Fed brand Lush damaging and distasteful

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British Cosmetic Company ‘Lush’ have launched a damaging and distasteful campaign claiming to unravel the truth of undercover policing.

In a statement Calum Macleod Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: “The Lush advertising campaign is offensive, disgusting and an insult to the hard work, professionalism and dedication of police officers throughout the UK.

“I cannot believe that someone, somewhere, actually thought this campaign was a good idea. All it serves to do is to criticise police officers and encourage an anti-police sentiment. Police officers already face enough abuse from those who break the law and are a menace to society, without the need for a cosmetic company to start putting the boot in too.

“I understand that there have been complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority, who will look in to the matter. However, I hope that Lush will have the good sense to realise they made a mistake; that they stop trying to defend an indefensible campaign, and they apologise to police officers and their families for the offence this poorly judged PR campaign has caused.

“I urge the management at Lush to come to their senses and retract this campaign and the offensive materials plastered in the windows of their stores – no doubt the company will have many employees who have friends and family in the service and I urge them also to act now and hold their bosses and the company to account.

“I also encourage them and the public to show their support by backing our ‘Believe in Blue’ campaign which celebrates British policing and the true value police officers bring to society.”

Will you be supporting Lush after they take a blow at policing? We won’t!

They are known for selling bath and soap products but now they’ve cut off an entire emergency services and emergency services supporters market.

They will loose entire police family’s Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Wives, Grandads & Nana’s after they have aimed a blow at British policing.

The Thin Blue Line and extended emergency services family are urged to talk with their feet by not shopping or supporting Lush.

Police Fed brand Lush damaging and distasteful 1

After there new campaign focuses corruption leaving us wondering who they’ll call when they have a shop lifter?

We’d fully expect a 100% reduction in phone calls from Lush when they have a shoplifter in store.

The aim of the campaign is to highlight ‘intrusive, abusive, political policing in the UK’ which can only leaving us wondering what the UK directors of the business have been arrested for this time?

They accuse police officers of being paid to lie and spying

They are aiming to expose investigators who have investigated activities for years lush sells bath bombs priced at £4.95 each

Lush says it wants to “pressure the government” and make it “more effective at uncovering the truth into this human rights scandal.”

They add that the campaign will be backed in stores across Britain, as well as on its website and social media feeds.

Material in the campaign features mocked-up police tape, with slogans that read: “Police spies out of lives” and “Spied on for taking a stand”.

Customers are also being urged…

Tell your friends and family about the #spycops

Take one of the ‘Spied Upon for Taking a Stand?’ badges in store, and start some conversations

Sign an online petition

Attend a gathering in Glasgow on June 23 to launch a Scottish anti-police campaign

Police Fed brand Lush damaging and distasteful 2

Peter Kirkham said: “Your anti police advertising campaign is an utter disgrace.

“It stereotypes ALL police officers as corrupt & includes some fundamental misrepresentations of the facts.

“I trust that you will never again seek police assistance if you are the victims of crime.”

Protect our police tweeted that this is ‘hugely damaging political campaign against policing

‘Vast majority of police officers are professional hard working members of the public’

Police Fed brand Lush damaging and distasteful 3

Sergeant Mike Duzinkewycz tweeted ‘i worked for lush for many years before i joined the police and i’m heartbroken by this’

Police Fed brand Lush damaging and distasteful 4

George Bellamy tweeted ‘misleading, inappropriate and extremely disappointing’

Police Fed brand Lush damaging and distasteful 5

Rav Wilding tweeted ‘your page claims you “make mums proud” yet you have current campaign like this? That simply means i won’t step foot in your shops in future

‘Police work their backsides off for us all. I know that and thank them all’.

Police Fed brand Lush damaging and distasteful 6

Lush have openly admitted they are on their Soap Box with Lush UK have said “being spied upon by the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) – a unit within the Metropolitan Police’s Special Branch. In particular, about the intimate, five-year relationship I had with the man I knew as Mark Cassidy, who I later learned was undercover police officer Mark Jenner.

“The experience brings together the personal and political in a particularly unusual and powerful way. With other women who suffered similar experiences, we brought a legal case against the Metropolitan police for deploying these officers into our most private lives.”

To read the Full Lush article please see here

lush has now received 21 thousand one star reviews on their Facebook page, a very damaging day for the company

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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