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Mum claims she is Forced To Abort Baby Due To New Universal Credit Rules

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A mother has claimed she has been forced to abort her baby due to new universal credit rules meaning the government will only fund 2 children.

The woman who believes the government should be paying child tax credit and a child element of universal credit for her new baby but was told the government will only support two children.

The mum found out the rule halfway through her pregnancy and felt she needed to terminate her child as she would need the help of the government to fund the child.

The new rule came into force on April 6th 2017 and applies to new born babies after this date.

The mum was looking forward to having a third baby but her friend told her she won’t get any money for the child and decided she needed to terminate baby.

Mum claims she is Forced To Abort Baby Due To New Universal Credit Rules 1

In an interview with the Mirror, the woman – who is known only as Sally, as her real name has not been used – opened up about her experience.

“I knew we couldn’t do it to the children already born and we couldn’t do it to the unborn child,” Sally said.

“We thought we could make it work somehow but, honestly, even if we both got a job and 85 percent of our childcare paid for we still could not afford childcare let alone food.

“I was four months along and planning what other things we would need to buy for this baby, and then my friend said any child born after 2017 you will not get any extra money for.

“I said ‘that cannot possibly be true’.”

Mum claims she is Forced To Abort Baby Due To New Universal Credit Rules 2

Sally said that she had to have a general anaesthetic and an operation because she was four months pregnant.

“I was crying when they wheeled me in,” she said.

“They kept asking ‘are you sure you want to do this?’ and I couldn’t even answer, I just had to nod my head.”

She added: “I think it’s something I will never forgive myself for. I know I should have prevented it from happening in the first place.

“My partner was devastated but he tried not to show any emotion because I was so upset.

“He also couldn’t come with me as he had to look after our children so I went alone.”

A Government spokesperson has told the Mirror: “This policy ensures fairness between claimants and those who support themselves solely through work. We’ve always been clear the right exceptions are in place and consulted widely on them.”

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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