Police Sergeant Sean Underwood is to take on the biggest challenge of his life after turning to running and losing 8 stone in just under two years.

In January 2016 Sean took to running in a bid to lose weight and get a little fitter, He did not believe that two years later he’d be six stone lighter and living a more active healthy lifestyle.

Sean told Police Hour “I was nearly 23 stone and I was unable to run a mile I was feeling very unhealthy and constantly unwell, It got to the point were I required medical support and now thanks to running all those issues have disappeared.

“That journey saw me lose 8 stone in 18 months, this has been where I’ve stopped, for now, maintaining at this for the last 6 months.

What an achievement Police Sergeant to take on the London Marathon after losing 8 stone 1

“Importantly I set my goal in 2016 of running a 4-mile fun run, I went on in that year to end up completing a half marathon, as well as other running events along the way all of which brought a tear to my eye with the happiness of my achievements.

“I’ve challenged myself to new achievements, my 2 biggest in 2017 being the London Prudential 100 mile cycle and the London Triathlon, Olympic distance, remember I couldn’t run a mile 18 months ago, so this is big for me.

“So I’ve signed up for 2018′ s challenge. this the London Marathon which still seems crazy this once 23 stone man is going to run 26 miles. Just seems crazy butI’mm looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to raising the awareness of this amazing and very close to my heart, charity.

If you’d like to support Sean please consider making a donation online and make sure you follow @sean_police on Twitter to see how the big day goes.