Verne Troyer has tragically died aged just 49

Verne Troyer who was know for his role in Mini-Me within the Austin Powers films has tragically died today.

Verne had made it public that he was struggling with alcoholism & depression leading up to his death.

On April 3rd Verne was rushed to hospital following suspected alcohol poisoning. A friend contacted police after a call from Verne who appeared to be very upset, drunk and feeling suicidal.

Verne Troyer has tragically died aged just 49 1

His agent has released a statement requesting thoughts and prayers for Verne at a difficult time.

“Asking you to keep Verne in your thoughts and prayers. He’s getting the best care possible and is resting comfortably.

“Appreciate the support from family, friends, and fans around the world. We will keep you updated here.”

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Verne.

RIP Verne.