Henry Vincent will get a 100k funeral that will pass the house of Richard Osborn-Brooks to show that gypsies are not to be messed with.

The dead burglar will pass the house of his final victim on a horse-drawn cart and the streets lined.

The family are forcing the procession past the home of the pensioner who stabbed him as one final act of intimidation towards the man he burgled at 12.45am in the morning.

Why are they passing his house? Because they want to send a strong message that gypsies will not be messed with.

Vincent died after being stabbed by 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks.

There are now fears that more clashes will happen between locals and the family of the burglar.

Cards and flowers have already caused raises tensions after being repeatedly removed and replaced

It is believed that they will pass the house to show the locals that they will not be messed with.

£50,000 will be spent on flowers for the funeral and £50,000 will be spent on the funeral, expensive cars and horse drawn carriages.

For the man that spent his life robbing and ripping off pensioners he’ll have a funeral fit for a king.

Henry Vincent’s funeral procession will go past Richard Osborn-Brooks house to show gypsies won’t be messed with 1

After a struggle with the pensioner, Vincent received a stab wound to his upper body and fled before collapsing down the road.

His accomplice left him for dead, and Vincent died in hospital.

Mr Osborn-Brooks was held but later told he would not face police action.

Since the incident Mr Osborn-Brooks and his wife have been moved to a safe house over fears of riprisals.

Mr Osborn-Brooks will never be able to return to the home he shared with his wife who suffers dementia.