Amber Rudd falling police numbers are not to blame for rising violence

Policing Cuts Holding Image

Today Home Secretary Amber Rudd ahead of announcing her new Government strategy to tackle serious violence, stated that the falling numbers of police officers are not to blame for the rising violence across London.

There was no mention of policing numbers and no mention of the huge cuts that have been made to policing.

Calum Macleod, Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: “We strongly disagree with the Home Secretary’s statement, even the Police Minister Nick Hurd admitted this morning that the police are overstretched.

“The fact is a simple one, this government has recklessly cut police numbers and funding and we now have significant increases in violent crime, you do the maths.

“The public understand this, the police know this, so how come the Home Secretary can’t see this? Why are the Metropolitan Police having to cancel officer rest days, to put an additional 300 police officers out every day of this weekend, to deal with the epidemic facing the capital? The issue here is that this conservative government cannot admit they got it wrong and its costing lives.

“You only have to look at our demand, capacity and welfare survey results to see that officers are being stretched far too thinly, which is supported by the latest HMICFRS PEEL report which states a quarter of forces are struggling to cope with the demand they face which is resulting in call backlogs, delays in attending incidents including those involving vulnerable people.

“So our evidence clearly shows that officers are under immense pressure and the reduction in officer numbers is impacting on the ability to respond to rising crime. All our previous warnings are now coming to light as we see an increase in violent crime and victims of crime not getting the service they deserve and expect.

“All of our research shows a police service struggling under the pressure of increased crime and reduced resources and unless the Government address these issues and provide the police service with the funding it needs we will continue to see the impact this has on the public and our country.”