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Out there today a truly inspirational policing leader is getting ready to hang up his cap… He’s called Kerry Blakeman

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Cheif Inspector Kerry Blakeman has been a truly inspirational policing leader, He started talking about live streaming before the days of Periscope, Facebook Live and Twitter Live.

He dreamt that one-day police officers would be able to Live Stream the job and we are sure along the way he faced his challenges and that before this technology was even introduced people thought he was crazy.

But he achieved his dream and brought policing into the digital age, live streaming a live police car responding to an incident and live streaming officer tasering each other during a public live demonstration and then the unthinkable and incredible policing happened Cheif Inspector Kerry Blakeman went up in a Helicopter and Live Streamed in 360.

Kerry Blakeman has also been a key member of the Police Twitter Awards.

We know Kerry Blakeman has also done some incredible things within his role as police officers and police leader asides from being able to engage with the public in such a creative way. We know this because Kerry is now reflecting on his last 30 days before in policing by looking back over his career in another creative and engaging way and that’s why policing and the public has fallen in love with the one and only Kerry Blakeman.

He started out by asking members of the public if we would be interested in hearing about his last 30 years of service in 30 days with #byekerryb with 92% of 565 voters saying YES.

And so it began.

Day 1 1988 #ByeKerryB – for anyone aspiring to join the Police Service read the “Declaration” it has been with me since day 1 – it has taken pride of place in my office – at times of “difficulty” in your service it can be a good read


Day 1 1988 #byeKerryB- I’m learning how to write crime reports – 1st one in Woodpecker Grove – a BDH – struggling with MO  – now onto my 1st arrest – Theft of Gas – Chester Road, so nervous – will I get the caution right? I will never forget my 1st shift or arrest


Day 1 – 1988 #byeKerryB – I’ve left Ryton Police College- 1st late shift on B Unit Chelmsley Wood – my tutor is WPC Allington, vehicle callsign LM10 – on my first shift I attended a suicide by hanging – I’m outside the address head between knees trying not to be sick.

Day 2 1989 #byeKerryB – my 12 month career review – I’m on my own – my tutor Constable has gone! On foot patrol now – walking the streets day and night – getting to know the local people/procedures/ fair few arrests/traffic process- quick changeovers – finish 10pm back at 6am

Day 3 1990 #byekerryb – completed my probation – 4th July England lose to Germany on penalties big fight at “The Cent” – 1st time I’ve drawn (& used) my “peg” suspect arrested + convicted & received my 1st commendation & an observer flight in AO1

Day 4 1991 #ByeKerryB – I’m on “SIPS” a ‘fast track” to Sergeant promotion – studying hard for my exam. On my CID attachment posted to Nicola Payne case #Coventry https://goo.gl/1dzV1a  – 27 yrs later please help – visit http://www.findnicolapayne.co.uk  #findnicolapayne £100k reward

Day 5 1992 #ByeKerryB – here I am with B Unit Chelmsley Wood – some great characters and thief takers here – I’m removed from the fast track to Sergeant “SIPS” scheme as I’ve failed my exam  suffice to say it took me several attempts to pass….but if at 1st you don’t succeed!

Working on a “Celebration of 30 years policing video” – how do I cram 30 years into 2.5mins  #ByeKerryB


Day 6 1993 #ByeKerryB – A difficult start to the year – Phil “Klink” Kurlinkus is on his way to help me at an RTA when he is tragically killed on his bike – such a lovely funny helpful man – Proud to become a Grade 1 advanced driver – got my “wings” Lima Zulu 4 here I come

Day 7 1994 #ByeKerryB – thought I was being blagged by my Sgt about this “photo shoot” (pic used in Police Authority Report) me on the VHF radio Peugeot 405 Diesel Turbo!! in my nato jumper – I’ve passed my Sgts exam (finally)  and custody officers course – the cells await

Day 8 1995 #byekerryb  June – 7 years after joining I’m promoted to Sergeant – I’m posted to E3 Acocks Green/ Belgrave Rd – soon asking myself “why did I do this?” Received 3rd commendation – Ram Raid in progress – offenders starburst – foot chase/struggle/you’re nicked!

Day 9 1996 #byekerryb – a very tough year  – @WMPolice lost a magnificent Inspector – Vanessa Carroll – killed in a car crash in Bosnia – hard to sum up how much I learnt from her at Chelmsley Wood an outstanding leader – sadly missed – RIP Vanessa x

Day 10 1997 #byekerryb – After numerous false 999 calls re a “person with a gun” wasting @firearmsWMP time – led investigation to identify offender – suspect Id’d by Headmaster of school who recognised his voice! You’re nicked! & I’m moving to #Coventry- Willenhall here I come

Day 11 1998 #byekerryb – I’m loving being a Sergeant on Willenhall Sector #Coventry – great team – “Brizey” at the helm – fab community/partners BUT a busy/challenging area – this is why I joined (to make a difference) proud of my 3 commendations in 1998 (Pub raid + armed man x2)

More follows as each day comes.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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