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Mother avoids jail despite beating baby daughter

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A mother has bragged to friends that she won’t be going to jail after beating her eight month old baby daughter in a horrific unprovoked attack on the helpless girl.

Lorien Norman from Adelaide in Australia boasted that she was handed a suspended sentence and a fine of just $500 after beating her daughter black and blue.

Mother avoids jail despite beating baby daughter 1

Miss Norman pleaded guilty to abusing her baby named Evie using a serving spoon as a weapon which her her with bruising to her eyes, nose and cheeks.

Evie’s injuries were so horrific she was admitted to hospital for treatment.

Mother avoids jail despite beating baby daughter 2

In Australia the maximum sentence for this kind of offence is 13-year many would argue this is too light of a sentence under the circumstances but in the case of Miss Norman she was simply handed a fine and ordered to behave for two years.

Miss Norman bragged to her ex-partner and the father of Evie Shame McMahon that she got away with it.

She sent him a message saying “So, I’m not going to jail. What’s your next move? I’ll send you photos in October. Cute family photos of myself, Indi, Evie, my sister, her partner and my nephew Hudson. Even with everyone on social media against me, I still made it. And I’ll be having part custody within a year.”

Miss Norman attempted to convince the police that Evie had hurt herself in a fall at a local playground before going on to plead guilty to attacking her own child.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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