London City Airport flights face disruption due to River Thames incident

London City Airport will face inbound and outbound disruption as police are responding to a World War Two ordnance in the River Thames at George V Dock, E16.

London City Airport has been closed to allow the Police and Royal Navy to safety respond to the incident.

The ordnance was discovered as part of pre-planned work at London City Airport and reported to the police at 05:06hrs on Sunday, 11 February.

Specialist officers and the Royal Navy have attended and confirmed the nature of the device.

The operation to remove the ordnance is ongoing in partnership with our colleagues in the Royal Navy.

At 22:00hrs an operational decision was made with the Royal Navy to implement a 214-metre exclusion zone to ensure that the ordnance can be safely dealt with whilst limiting any risk to the public.

There will also be disruption to inbound and outbound flights during the operation. London City Airport are urging passengers to contact their airline before travelling.

A number of media outlets incorrectly reported that their is an ongoing incident within the Airport this is not the case the airport has only been closed to ensure the ordinance can be safely dealt with.

Those due to travel to London City Airport this morning or into Monday are advised not to travel and to contact your airline for updates.