A mum has issued an urgent warning to all parents to warn of the dangers of tilt and slide doors after one fell and hit her 2-year-old son.

These days as parents we babyproof everything ensuring our little ones do not come to any harm.

Ensuring we do everything within our power to keep our kids from harms way in our homes.

Parents would never expect a ‘sliding door’ to pose a risk of danger, what is the worst that can happen a jammed finger? Think again!.

A mum has now issued an urgent warning to other parents after a sliding door fell on her toddler.

Danielle McConnell says that a hinged sliding door completely collapsed on top of her son.

“Out of nowhere this door fell on top of my 2-year-old and shattered on top of him,” the mother wrote on Facebook. She also posted a photo of the door, fallen down on the floor inside of her house with shattered glass all around it.

Danielle uploaded the images to Facebook showing the horrific extent of her son’s injuries and urged us to be aware of the hidden danger.

The little lad aged 2 luckily came away with cuts and bruises to his forehead with both him and his mum left shaken by the ordeal.

Sadly this is not the first incident of this type involving sliding door. In 2009, a 2-year-old girl was killed when a sliding patio door fell off of its hinges and landed on her, causing massive head trauma that ultimately resulted in her death.

In 2008, a 14-month-old girl was crushed to death by a tilt and slide door.

The mum now wants you to share this urgent appeal to prevent the same happening to another child.

“My son was so lucky to walk away from this with cuts and bruises,” she wrote in her Facebook post.

“Someone else’s child may not be so lucky! If anyone has or knows someone who has these type of doors please be aware as they can snap at the top and fall out.”

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