Public urged not to approach two men who’ve absconded from Hollesley Bay prison

Police have launched a double man hunt after two prisoners absconded Hollesley Bay Prison.

James Regan aged 33 and Robert Bulter aged 34 were reported missing to police on Saturday 13th January 2018 after failing to attend the morning roll call.

Police do not know if the men have absconded together. Officers have confirmed that Regan is serving a four and a half year sentence for burglary.

He has been described as five feet 10 inches tall, with brown eyes, brown hair. He has a tattoo of the word England on the lower part of his right leg and scars on his right hand.

Butler is serving seven years for conspiracy to commit burglary and driving offences.

He has been described as being five feet 11 inches tall, with brown eyes, brown hair. He has a tattoo on his upper right arm and tattoos of the words Mum, Dad and Rose on his upper left arm.

Both men have connections to Essex.

Police have warned members of the public are advised not to approach the men.

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