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Horrific level of violence used by professional soldier in £1M million raids

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During the raids, it is believed that a highly professional soldier has tracked his victims for weeks, breaking into their homes to work out the layout and plan before striking again with a high level of violence that only a highly trained military soldier acting alone would be able to carry out.

He has left no forensic trace at any of his raids, he is very clever and professional.

Police believe that a “highly professional soldier” is the main suspect in a number of armed raids on homes in the Home Counties.

Detectives have used ‘Meticulous research’ which suggests that whoever is responsible for the raids is acting alone and because of such use of extreme violence this suggests that the thief who has used a sawn-off shotgun in his raids has a high level of military training.

One of his victims described how she feared she would be raped and killed during a raid on her home.

Horrific level of violence used by professional soldier in £1M million raids 1

Detectives believe that the victims are being targeted and followed for several weeks to track their movements to learn the locations of safes and valuables within their homes.

The man who is carrying out the lone raids is described as being “well-spoken intelligent thief” It is even believed that he is entering the houses before he carries out the raids in order to gain a better understanding of the layout of the houses.

Susan Morris was attacked and suffered a black eye when her home in Kingdwood, Surrey was raided in October 2017.

Horrific level of violence used by professional soldier in £1M million raids 2

Police say that the 61-year-old victim was home alone when the burglar who was dressed in black and wearing a balaclava crept up behind Susan Morris shouting “I want the jewellery, take me to the safe.”

Susan says “He came towards me and I realised he had a sawn-off shotgun and he grabbed hold of me, he was holding me the whole time of the burglary and never let go of me.”

After the jewellery was handed over he demanded that Ms Morris “get on the floor” at this point Morris believed she was about to be raped “I actually thought he was going to rape me, I was very, very frightened”.

Ms Morris recalled the burglar becoming more angry demanding more and more jewellery each time hitting her until she followed his demands.

“He hit me very hard on my face, not enough to knock me out, he knew exactly how hard to hit me, he hit me three times on my face, it was very painful, I couldn’t believe the blows kept coming.”

During the raid, Ms Morris suffered horrific injuries which included a broken jaw, lost tooth and bruising.

Horrific level of violence used by professional soldier in £1M million raids 3

Mr Morris was wearing a ring and a bracelet, she was unable to get them off and feared she would have her finger cut off for the raider to get them.


Ms Morris was found by her husband tied up in their own home.

Forensic officers have recovered DNA evidence from the house, however, these have proved a no trace and are not linked to any known offenders.

The attacks have happened every six months for about three years between November 2014 and October 2017.

During all incidents, the raider has left little or no forensic evidence. Two other raids following a similar pattern have occurred in Kingswood, Surrey and more raids being linked have happened within Maidenhead, Berkshire; Chichester, West Sussex, Sevenoaks, Kent; Maidstone, Kent, and Virginia Water, Surrey.


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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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