Barbara Coombes, 63 charged with murdering and burying her father

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Credit: Police Hour.

Barbara Coombes aged 63 has been charged with murdering Kenneth Coombes and burying his body in the back garden.

Barbara walked into a police station and told the desk clerk she needed to speak to a police officer and admitted the horrific incident.

Barbara Coombes from Reddish in Stockport now stands charged accused of murdering her father on 8th January 2006 and then preventing his lawful burial and further charged with fraud after sending letters pretending to be her father in order to make financial gain.

The charge of fraud states that between 7 January 2006 and 15 January 2007 Coombes dishonestly obtained for herself “a pecuniary advantage”, namely she was “given the opportunity to earn remuneration or greater remuneration in an office or employment by deception, namely by falsely representing that [she was] a carer for Kenneth Coombes”.

Police held Barbara in custody since she handed herself into police and is scheduled to appear before Manchester and Salford Magistrates court on Thursday.

On Sunday a woman presented herself at Cheadle Heath police station and said she had killed a man a number of years ago, Greater Manchester police said.

An investigation was launched and on Tuesday officers searching her property found the body of a man, believed to be Kenneth Coombes.

A number of Neighbours within the area have said they assumed that Kenneth had moved away having not seen him in the area for a number of years.