Two children from Ebchester Primary school County Durham, who are also members of Durham Constabulary Mini Police, teamed up with PC Tony Murray from the City of London National Coordinators Office who tweets from @CityPoliceTell2 on Twitter.

In the lead up to Christmas, they wanted to warn people about the dangers of telephone enabled fraud which has been hitting people hard nationally and internationally.

Working together for the small screen they produced a taster video to remind people to be cyber Aware, have strong and different passwords and use at least three random words.

That taster video has been a internet sensation on twitter creating thousands of impressions , being viewed in excess of 35,000 times across the UK and the globe, including Canada, USA, Malaysia, Indian, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Malawi, Falklands, Italy, Brazil, Spain, France, Iceland, Tahiti and many more , it was also RT’d by three Royal Navy vessels , HMS Enterprise, HMS Dragon and HMS St Albans , the latter seen escorting a Russian warship, that was sailing close to English waters, on Christmas Day.

Protect against fraud, Give the gift of protection this Christmas #Tell2 1

PC Tony Murray who runs @CityPoliceTell2 said ‘it’s fabulous that people took time in run up to Christmas to support such a positive message and show how far the mini police message could travel.’

‘ It was so exciting to watch people join in and support, it was even RT’d from an oil rig in the middle of the North Sea and from RSS James Cook, the British Antartica Survey vessel which was 55deg South, travelling through Drakes Passage just north of Antartica’.

iTunes Red Flag

Protect against fraud, Give the gift of protection this Christmas #Tell2 2

The latest ‘mini’ video, which also shows the fun the two brilliant children had with a blooper section at the end, highlights the serious problem where criminals are preying on vulnerable people in their own homes and asking them to pay fines via gift cards, often iTunes.

The campaign #iTunesRedFlag raises awareness to people, that may not know a fraudster has called them purporting to be HMRC or other authority , if they are being asked for payment in iTunes vouchers, this is a red flag and they should hang up immediately.

Christmas is a fantastic time to catch up with friends and family, give them the gift of protection.

‘People in our community are being targeted daily, we can stop all telephone fraud by hanging up on all unsolicited calls, take 5 mins to check it out as authentic via a trusted method and if #iTunes cards are mentioned then it’s a fraud. ‘

‘Please share with friends and family, start with #tell2, a campaign which encourages us all to play our small part to stop the hurt caused by fraud.’

I want you to tell everyone, Tell2 is a good start. Christmas is a fantastic time to catch up with friends and family, give them the gift of protection.

Unbroken chain of 26 Tell2’ers can reach 67 million people

Did you know that an unbroken chain of 26 tell2’ers would reach 67 million people, more than the UK population?

Together we can make a difference. Fraud and cybercrime is half of all crime in England and Wales and funds other serious crime such as child sexual exploitation, human trafficking and terrorism.

Lets fund genuine business and not crime by making sure we deal with authentic business and on our terms, not as a result of cold calls.

Finally and importantly I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a happy new year from me and all at City Of London Police National Coordinators Office.