Man who Brutally kicked woman down stairs is beaten up in jail

A manhunt was launched last year after a woman was brutally kicked down the stairs of a metro station, justice caught up with him and he was jailed. Now he has been subjected to a violent attack in jail.

Svetoslav Stoykov aged 28 carried out a random and vicious attack on a woman in October 2016, at the Hermannstrasse metro station.

His motive for the attack still remains unclear, Stoykov was sentenced to two years and 11 months in jail for the attack on the woman.

But now one year later while at Berlin’s Heidering Prison he has himself become the victim of a violent attack.

Last Friday, some other inmates at the prison hid their faces with T-shirts and rushed into Stoykov’s cell to attack him after a prison guard opened his cell door at at 4.05pm.

Stoykov had apparently been relaxing on a couch at the time, and was beaten by a group of prisoners who quickly dispersed.

Attack on the Woman

The shocking footage was released and a manhunt was launched after Stoykov was seen holding a bottle and smoking as he sneaks down four steps behind his victim and then kicks her forcing her to fall several feet to the bottom of the staircase.

The woman smacked her face against the surface of the train station floor Stoykow walks back up the steps and strolls away leaving his victim lifeless and laid on the ground.