Mad Friday in Bradford as cops attacked

Three Police Officers have been attacked in Bradford this evening in a shocking and disgraceful attack on our emergency services.

The three cops simply doing their jobs faced drunken violence in Bradford.

3 police officers with Bradford have been taken to hospital having been assaulted in the line of duty dealing with ‘Mad Friday Christmas drinkers.

One officer has a broken hand and another has a serious head injury.

The person responsible for this attack is now safely in police custody and will be sleeping off all the booze before being interviewed in the morning.

Trevor Sherwood editor of Police Hour “We need to ensure we protect the protectors, police officers should not be faced with being attacked in the line of duty.

“This is a truly shocking attack that will mean the already stretched frontline will be three officers down this Christmas at a time they are needed the most

“This is not what police officers come to work for.”