Brave policeman clings on to Lorry to stop it falling on the A1M motorway below

A Brave traffic officer has clung into a lorry to avert further tragedy and stop it from falling on the the motorway below
with the trapped driver inside.

The officer reacted quickly to stop it falling off the bridge using just his bare hands to hold the lorry until help was able to get to him.

Brave PC PC Martin Willis was first officer on the scene of the accident where a lorry crashed off a bridge on the A1(M) in North Yorkshire early on Friday morning.

he reacted quickly and new the lorry was just moments away from crashing onto the motorway below while the lorry driver was terrifed inside and trapped inside.

“1st on the scene of this collision on the #A1M this morning and faced with a vehicle balancing over the edge of a bridge with the driver trapped!” PC Willis tweeted after the incident.

After holding on to the vehicle to stop it swaying in the wind I can’t begin to describe my relief when @WYRFS arrived on scene!”

The Lorry driver was rushed to hospital in a serious but non life-threatening injuries after suffering a terrifying ordeal.

The incident happened on the Northbound carriage between Bramham and Boston Spa and caused traffic delays.