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Woman attacked by private Security firm guarding North Yorkshire Fracking site

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A security guard repeatedly shouts ‘I’m going to start hitting people here’ as protestors at a fracking site in North Yorkshire begin a peaceful slow walking protest at the Fracking site in Kirby Misperton

Moments later it descends into scenes of violence as security guards use unreasonable force to move them away.

No police where on the scene when the incident occurred, however, the whole thing was captured on camera.

The woman was threatened with physical violence before being attacked at the fracking site in a video which has been leaked to Police Hour.

At 6.45am on Monday 6th November when members attempted to engage in a peaceful slow walking protest while members of the rig workers headed into the KM8 site.

The aim of the protest was to walk along the road slowly and then after delaying teams for a short period of time they would step aside and allow the workers to pass into the site.

What happened next was captured on camera, with no police within the area security members use excessive force and took the law into their own hands to move the slow walkers out of the way, going to extreme lengths to scare and intimidate the group.

Threats of violence are then made towards the group before they are physically pushed and thrown to the ground.

As soon as one woman gets back on her feet she is instantly thrown to the ground again.

Woman attacked by private Security firm guarding North Yorkshire Fracking site 1
North Yorkshire Fracking site Credit: PoliceHour.

Within the video, one member of the group can be seen being clearly punched in the back of the head while another member of the security team holds him down,

Michelle Easton Told Police Hour “At this time in the morning there is no police presence on the site, and members of the Next Level Security Services knew this.

Woman attacked by private Security firm guarding North Yorkshire Fracking site 2
North Yorkshire Fracking Site Credit: Police Hour

“I was thrown to the ground and into the hedge and ditches more times that I could count, tress position, with their head being smashed into the tarmac as a result, we were dragged about and thrown aside again for trying to help this protector after hearing cries of ‘I can’t breathe’.


Ian Hepworth said “Heartbreaking to see. They keep going on about reasonable force but when they are on the public road they are simply members of the public. They have no special powers.”

While Karen Benton-Rose added “Outrageous abhorrent behaviour so sorry for all you that were hurt, my breath caught in my throat when I heard “I can’t breathe ” I was held face pushed into the road knee in the back a couple of weeks ago (NYP) and I cried out repeatedly ( until I couldn’t anymore ) “I can’t breathe ” it’s a horrible feeling of suffocation shame on them all”

Russell Scott said “This is assault and North Yorkshire Police should act Imagine if this was a protestor pushing, strangling, punching a security guard – they would be locked up instantly!”

While Natasha Hagan said “Correct me if I’m wrong but are NLSS employed by the fracking company to look after the grounds? They are civilians. Why are they then on a public highway assaulting protectors? This needs to be addressed sharpish not only by the SIA but the police. I don’t get where they think they can assault people like that. Disgusting. Hope all protectors are ok”

Police Hour has contacted NLSS Police for comment.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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